About Us

Our Mission

Privately owned and operated by members of the Royal Canadian Legion, The People's Dispensary (TPD) is a grassroots movement focused on providing cost cautious cannabis to medical patients all over Canada. A Pioneer in the Medical Cannabis industry for over a decade, TPD strives to provide patient cooperatives cultivation and extraction services. We believe in a natural approach to health, minimizing pharma-culture and maximizing the natural cultivars of mother earth. 

As an industry leader in cannabis cultivation and extraction, TPD has been providing national dispensaries with quality, trusted cannabis products for over a decade. Through white label relationships, we provide over 60 Canadian medical retailers with the highest quality lab-tested products in the industry.  

Community Driven – Service Oriented

We are the people, by the people, for the people! Our TPD team of legionnaires is community driven and service oriented with a deep appreciation of what it means to give back to the community. Whether it's assisting underprivileged children, single parents, veterans or the elderly, supporting our community is at the core of our foundation. By becoming a member of TPD you too can help support those in need while enjoying the lowest prices in the industry.

TPD Annual Community Support Program

Giving back to our community is important to us and by becoming a member of TPD you will be doing just that. Each time a member purchases a product, TPD will automatically donate a portion of your total purchase to our Community Support Program. Once a year, during the month of January, TPD will disperse the donated funds back to your local Legion branch and other deserving organizations within your communities.